Mama to be Mia..

Meet Mia and her beautiful family. For this session I have to admit I was a little nerveous as I had never been asked to do an indoor maternity shoot, so to say I wans't a little worried and axious I would be lying.. 

But nevertheless I did my research and searched on how and what the best poses work when it comes to indoor sessions. All who know me, know how I LOVEEEEE shooting outdoors especially when it comes to Family and Maternity shoots, As I'm a huge believer of having Nature as my ulitmate backdrop. 

But I think Mia's reactions to her gallery said it all to me.. Hope that you guys have the similar reation.. Would love to hear your feedbacks on this session.. :)

My dreams have come true...

What can I say?? All my dreams have finally came true.

Marry an awesome man ✔️ 

Have amazing kids ✔️ 

Become a photographer ✔️ 

Have my own studio ✔️✔️✔️

It has been a long few months of going back and fourth with tradies and knocking down walls, but I now can say it is all complete and in action. 

Thanks to my amazing husband for all his hard work behind the scenes to make every detail that much more special and create an amazing space for me to work in. 

With all aspects throughly thought out I have been able to design the studio to have an industrial/earthy feel. From the recycled timber bench, the industrial looking lights as well as the earthy organic branches used for my curtain rods, this space makes you feel at ease. I call it my "WOMAN CAVE"

Here I share some images for you to see.. Hope you enjoy! 

Sandra xx