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Shooting With Sandra

Thank you so much for your interest in Shooting with Sandra Workshop,  my workshop will cover:


·         Newborn Poses such as The Potato Sack, Froggy, Prop shots, beanbag posing and family with newborns will be               covered

·         Wrapping

·         Using Props

·         Workflow (how I would shoot a session)

·         Natural Lighting as it is my only source of light that I use

·         Camera Settings

·         Camera Angles

·         Parent/Sibling Posing (if we have cooperative siblings) using backlit shooting

·         Safe Posing Composites (The Froggy and Taco) Only if baby allows us.

·         Settling Techniques

·         After Lunch we will discuss all things business (social media and its effectiveness) and editing your images

·         Post Processing

·         Editing Techniques

·         Photoshop

·         Allowing yourself to be who you want to be.. No imitations just what makes you feel good. FINDING YOUR STYLE!!!


What to bring?

•       DSLR camera (I’m a canon chick)

•       50mm or 35mm lens recommended (but whatever you use is fine)

•       Spare camera battery (you don’t want your camera battery to die)

•       Please dress in neutral colours if possible (eg; white, black, beige or grey) to avoid any colour casts during the session

•       The studio will be pretty toasty, so please dress appropriately

•       Please bring a change of clothes as babies are very unpredictable and may make a mess of us

•       Lunch will be provided, as well as light refreshments and drinks


Other requirements:


•       Behind the scenes photos are accepted (please send them through to ( I would love them.

•       No Video recording is permitted unless permission granted

•       All phones to be switched to silent

•       All images taken by the attendee can be used for social media sharing (model release form by parent will be signed) – must state that

•       posing and set up was done by Photography by Sandra.


Cost of Workshop:

•       750 EURO is the complete cost of the workshop - Payments can must be made in FULL or in 2 payments  to secure your spot in the workshop

  • 375 Euro Retainer Deposit
  • 375 remaining payment due 4 weeks before the workshop date on the 4th of June


Photography by Sandra

International Swift Bank Code: NATAAU 3303S

BSB: 082 141

Account Number: 989 130 260

Reference: Your name

Bank Name: National Australia Bank

Bank Address: Chester Square, 14-16/16/1 Leicester Street, Chester Hill NSW 2162




Location of workshop is.. Address: Aalscholverstraat 69 3312 RB Dordrecht

Based in The Netherlands, Hosted by Sweet Memories Photography and Sebbys Photography



I want to Book, what do I do next?


Send through your full amount of 750 EURO  to the above account details provided.



BOOK YOUR Workshop SEAT: Once you have paid your seat please email me the following details:


•       Name:

•       Address or postal code

•       Mobile:

•       Email:

•       Business Name (if applicable):

•       What you want to learn

•       Will you be doing any workshops/mentoring within 12 months?


I hope to get to meet you and give you all that I know to inspire you to strive and grow towards success.


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