Malakeh.. The meaning of a Queen in Arabic

Meet little Miss Malakeh. Her session was one of the fastest sessions I have gone through in such a long time. I always worry when I have 1 year old as you can never predict how or what they will be like. They tend to have a mind of their own and do the opposite of what you ask of them. 

I always tell my clients to come into my session regardless of age, with absolutely NO EXPECTATION!!! I always tell them to hope for the worst, so when the good happens, they are more than excited for those moments. 

I have such a huge array of little unique well-sourced out baby props for the 6-12 months age group that will make your session with me that much more enjoyable. 

Isn't she just scrumptious??? 

Thank you to the amazing vendors

Whippoorwill nest boutique

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A little Life Fabrics and Props:

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