Lea's Bump

Its been a while since I have done a Blog post but I think I need to start making more of a habit to show off a little more from each session.. 


Here is beautiful mama lea and her baby bump.. I had hair envy after shooting with her.. So many pretty images from her shoot! 

Enjoy x



I normally get asked to photograph babies over the 2 week mark and usually I automatically decline due to not being able to pose and curl the baby the way you see in my galleries.

The age between 2/3 weeks new and until babies sit alone unattended can be a very difficult age to photograph as babies will predominately be placed on their backs as they are still not strong enough to hold themselves up, or hold on to anything whist being in props, Hence why I have made that little rule not to photograph the "IN-BETWEEN" age. I like to have parents get the most out of their shoot especially when spending on a luxury.

But Aiden's mother had other plans and decided that no matter what, she wanted images of her little boy and kind of glad she was adamant to get them as we were able to produce these amazing images of him.. 

Enjoy the photos and even leave some feedback 

Sandra xx

Alayna 10 days new

This adorable princess blew me away with so many amazing set up that she allowed me to do.. She had so much character and personality for being 10 days old..

Lots of beautiful colour and props used in this session. Enjoy guys..

Malakeh.. The meaning of a Queen in Arabic

Meet little Miss Malakeh. Her session was one of the fastest sessions I have gone through in such a long time. I always worry when I have 1 year old as you can never predict how or what they will be like. They tend to have a mind of their own and do the opposite of what you ask of them. 

I always tell my clients to come into my session regardless of age, with absolutely NO EXPECTATION!!! I always tell them to hope for the worst, so when the good happens, they are more than excited for those moments. 

I have such a huge array of little unique well-sourced out baby props for the 6-12 months age group that will make your session with me that much more enjoyable. 

Isn't she just scrumptious??? 

Thank you to the amazing vendors

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